FASTWIRE - Upgrade your Wiring Harness Fast !

FASTWIRE - Upgrade your Wiring Harness Fast !

FASTWIRE - Upgrade your Wiring Harness Fast !FASTWIRE - Upgrade your Wiring Harness Fast !FASTWIRE - Upgrade your Wiring Harness Fast !

Overcome your FEAR of  car wiring !

A Wiring Harness can't do what FASTWIRE does!


Do NOT use a wiring harness - EVER !


FASTWIRE®  is NOT a wiring harness - it is so much more. FASTWIRE is a computer logic car control system!


Install it FAST !

FASTWIRE® installs in just hours - NOT in days or weeks or even months ! 

Building a car?

 Whether you are working on a Vintage, Classic, Kit, Resto-Mod, Off Road, Truck or a junker car, one thing is can be said – gear heads are NOT electricians! Really, be honest – a car guy, or car gal, will pick up the correct wrench for the bolt every time but when it comes to fixing the electrical wiring of the car and getting  up and running – well lets say that takes a LONG, LONG time.
That often turns into a three or four month nightmare. 

Some even FEAR wiring!
  Let's get to the point! Gear Heads need help!

We are changing the way cars are wired up!
We are dedicated to helping get all those unfinished car projects on the road without spending a ton of money and making the wiring process
quick and easy.   

FASTWIRE Wiring diagram with module location and connections.

How it works

FASTWIRE® Additional Information

 The most advanced full feature modular wiring system is now available to the hobbyist and expert alike - at an affordable price.
If you are replacing your existing car wiring or wiring a kit car project, this state of the art system is the solution for you with just a few stock car parts.  The command module hooks up to the existing switches and turn signal.

The system consists of dedicated pre-programmed digital modules that control all functions reliably and safely. The FASTWIRE command module is setup for easy, fast plug and play installation. No need for time consuming manual reading or need for a laptop - NO programming required! 

The heart of the system is a centralized computer logic controlled main module. The Command  Module, located in the dashboard, receives input from switches and provides output for indicators lights and the power modules.

Modules for headlights, taillights and engine carry out the commands.    Each module is connected via a high speed signal cable and have one hot wire (+) to the battery. Safety comes from reverse polarity protection, blade-type fuses and over current protection. Security comes from an optional advanced anti-theft system in the form of copy protected key cards, the same found in building security systems. Only cards registered in the main module will start the car.   

The Switch Input Module doubles as a System Tester. Just select the function to test, and press the button and watch to led to verify the function!

The system can also be used for race cars, Off-road vehicles , ATV, SUV, 4WD or Jeeps.

System Functionality

The core system is designed to control the following functions:

Low Beam Headlights
High Beam Headlights 

Solid State Flasher
Left and Right Turn Indicators
Hazard/Warning Lights
Driving + Parking Lights
Fog Lights /Rear Fog Lights
Brake/Tail/Backup Lights
Fuel Pump

3 X AUX circuits
Dome Light Timer
Advanced Features
Driving Lights / Blinker logic
Ignition / Headlight logic
Dome Light Timer
Headlight->Battery Saver
Crimpless Wire Connections
Coming Soon (Add on Option):

Advanced Alarm System

Introducing our Solution - The FASTWIRE Car Wiring System

We make replacing your wiring loom EASY! Our system allows a person with limited electronic knowledge to install a state of the art car control - power distibution system in just a handful of hours (10-20). Created for the DIY guy (and gal) that loves to tear into  an engine  and rebuild it but hates the wiring harness and those little, hard to remove, connectors.

All you need is pliers, screwdriver, drill for mounting the modules and our FASTWIRE system. No need for a volt meter or other expensive equipment. We include tools to test your system as you progress. Once you have the head or tail light module hooked up you can test it without the command module.  This makes it easy to test as you go.

 Believe me! - It will take you more time to remove the old wiring harness than to install the new system.

We use only automotive grade components to insure the highest quality system possible and will last for generations. The relays are rated at 100,000 on/off cycles at full load. The headlight relays are solid state and have no moving parts!
Computer logic allows us to add advanced functions for driving and head lights!

Go Green - save 30 lbs of copper !


FASTWIRE® uses less wire !

By using power distribution modules less bundles of wire are used to connect lights and other 12 volt devices. Shorter wires are used to connect modules to the loads!

This saves money and weight! Saving weight will also make your car go faster!

Reserve your kit NOW ! Get 30% off.

For a limited time, get 30% off the retail price of $799 when you contact us and add the message "I want a FASTWIRE Level One kit". You will be added to the preferred VIP customer list and informed 14 days before we start accepting orders! 

SPEED - IT's all about speed !

Car Guys love SPEED !

Car Guys love one thing above all others - SPEED ! Sure a car has to look good but hoursepower and top speed make up 90% of that feel good sensation. 

So you got the drivetrain sorted out and you'e ready for a test spin - BUT you haven't started on the wiring. No SPEED today !



You can roll your own if you have a lot of time or get a generic wiring harness and spend a little less time sorting out all the wires with the little tags on them. Then you have to crimp them onto something. Well let's say after about four or five weenends you get it working.

Or you could get a FASTWIRE Car Wiring Kit and do the whole thing in one weekend. NO crimping - just use a screwdriver to hook up the connectors, one connector per car side, plug them into the module and your done! 

FASTWIRE Control and Power Modules viewed from the top.

FASTWIRE Control and Power Modules viewed from the top.


Kit Car rolling chassis ready for FASTWIRE car wiring.

You buy a KIT !

The kit gives you the core parts but you still need all the parts from the 10-15 year old donor car ! Engine, tranny, rear end and THE WIRING HARNESS.

  You can clean up and paint the mechanical parts -- 

BUT the old, grimy, dirty wiring harness?

Kit Car during build


Do you really want to install the dirty old wiring harness in your nice clean kit car project? 

How will that look? 

Wiring harness mess showing how much wire is needed.

Your wiring harness could look like this! FASTWIRE to the rescue !

Our FASTWIRE® system gives you a fast, easy, affordable, AND CLEAN,  solution to wire up your project. You  even get advanced features not found with any wiring harness.  

Please note upcoming possible Price Increase !

Due to the China Trade War and the drastic increase of tariffs on electronic parts, we are being forced to increase our prices. Fact is that China does not pay the tariffs! We do and have to pass the cost on to you

Reserve NOW to get your discount!

Maybe You just want to do it yourself!

Do It Yourself car parts.

Get the Parts

Take a trip to your local junkyard to find some old auto parts.

Get some more electrical car parts!

Now you need to get a ton of wire, terminal blocks, crimp connectors, crimp pliers and  a whole bunch more!

Spend some quality time !

This is where it gets ugly. So far you have spent days getting what you need! NOW comes the real work - building it and installing it. But wait will it work?  Maybe!

It doesn't work - now what?

So your collection of used auto parts, misalliance electrical parts and  other stuff that you found at auto stores like Autozone and Rockauto, just didn't cut it. You tried hard and it was a good try but it still doesn't work! 

Solution? The FASTWIRE system!

We will do our best to assist you while install our FASTWIRE system. Our tech team has your back! Oh yeah, NO ends to crimp, we use dedicated connectors to makes things reliable.

Question + answer - - FASTWIRE Options


What is Driving Light and Blinker logic?

On modern cars the LED Driving Lights turn OFF when the Blinker is activated. This is done to improve visibility of the blinker, which is positioned close to the driving lights.  

Computer logic gets it done. You can't do this with relays and a wiring harness!

What is Headlight / Starter computer logic?

To avoid excessive drain on the car battery during the engine starting cycle, the headlights are turned OFF as long as the engine is cranked!

How about that Dome Light Timer?

The Dome Light stays on after you get into the car. Just like any modern car. The time is preset to 10  or 20 seconds. 

I keep leaving my headlights on! Help!

Guess what! We built in the logic to turn off HIGH/LOW beam headlights when you turn off the engine to save your battery! Just set the option in the command module!

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