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Knowledgable Staff - Real Car Guys

We are a dedicated team of car guys with over 100 years experience designing hardware, software and mechanical systems. This talent, combined with the latest advancements in micro computers, electrical components and sub-systems, allowed the creation of a non-legacy car control sysem.


Sheetmetal, PCB boards and Stuff

Staring from scratch in 2016, the team was able to design, build and test the most advanced system on the market today.  The use of off-the-shelf sub-systems, simple screw connectors and no frills industrial steel housings keeps the overall system cost down. Our goal is to provide the most bang for the buck by including features that other competitors charge for..


Our Goal and Made in America !

We're committed to providing a modular car wiring system at the price of a quality wiring harness but adding all the features needed for a modern, updated and upgraded car control and power distribution system.

Our mission !

Help our car buddies !

We want you to get your car on the road FASTER!

Make it SIMPLE !

Simple means fast - FASTWIRE.

Make it affordable !

It doesn't help to have a great wiring system if you CAN'T afford it!

We are dedicated to keep the cost down!

it started with an MG-B !

Why did we do it?

It started with a simple ad for a 1979 MGB with a Mazda 13B engine. “All it needs is motor mounts, gas tank and a carburetor” said the guy on the phone. $1850 and $150 to deliver it to Central Florida.     

This is a deal! A week later I was the proud owner of a white MGB missing the motor mounts but with six boxes of parts. Wow! Well ….. I needed the boxes and YES they didn't have everything I needed to get the car running. OK - you told me so!            

Well it took well over 2 years to get the engine and mechanical stuff sorted out. It's alive! Drives up and down the driveway (Don't tell the cops – and around the block).      

Just one thing: It had only three working wires! Two to the starter and one to the ignition. Two switches replaced the ignition switch.      

Sad, just sad for a real car guy and an engineer.  The British Lucas system was a mess. Well that is an understatement. The kid that sold me the car had butchered the whole system. He was a big fan of lamp cord. All of one color.           

 That is where MY project stopped! I went down to my auto parts store. I looked at advance auto parts and fuse boxes for $60. I looked at wiring kits with long wires and a fuse box starting at $ 130 to over $899. I looked at a complete new replacement wiring harness for the MGB for about $879. I didn't like any of those options.          

Wait - On a message board someone wrote about a modular car wiring system. I took a long hard look at it. This thing had everything and more than I needed. This is what I needed, wanted!         

STOP – Did I see the price tag? Over $2600 for the options I wanted. That was more than I paid for the car!     Well I got a ton of wire, lots of colors and sizes from SkyCraft in Orlando, a Orlando surplus shop.          

Well the MGB got shoved in the corner on my one car garage. I still didn't want to spend the time to rip out and replace every single wire. I wanted a better solution. Time heals all wounds. The poor thing sat for 4 years.         

Fast forward to 2016! My co-worker, let's call him Bob, shows me a single chip computer. Wow, small, fast, powerful and affordable! I wonder what I could create with it.       

What now? Well the single chip computer has a lot of inputs and outputs. What else can I get. Well globalization has one advantage – unlimited cheep hardware.            

Wait - The MGB project in my garage!      

Could I create a modular car wiring system that had all the features and options I wanted and needed? Maybe add some features the other system didn't have. Yes, and make it SAFE!          

Well we built it!

The MG-B that needs to be wired.

The MG-B that needs to be wired.

Built for car guys ! Made of steel !

Volvo - built to last!


Volvo breaks records for being strong and lasting forever. Guess what! FASTWIRE is also  build STRONG and made to LAST !

FASTWIRE steel module cases.

No Plastic here !

Just real steel. Built to last forever.


We put it to the test !

Please don't try this with our competitors PLASTIC cases. FASTWIRE uses real steel. Made car guy strong!

We need some help !

We keep having this debate as to what we should call it!


Maybe a CAR WIRING KIT? Is it a wiring harness replacement? Modular car wiring system, car control system, power distibution system, or just a really fast way to get your car or vehicle project up and running? Tell us what you would call it! 

One thing it does NOT do, is engine mangement. SORRY!

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Take the Video Challange !

We are looking for a true car guys to document and video the installation of the complete system. 

We would like to feature your install on our web site. Every three months we will select a winner and a runner up. First prize is a new system or a refund of the original purchase price and the runner up gets 50% discount off a new system or a 50% refund of the original purchase price.   

The winner will be determined by the management and will be based on many factors including reliable time keeping ( include an Atomic clock in your videos start and finish ) and written documentation.  

Please contact us for complete details.      Grand Winner  Yearly we will pick an overall Grand Winner at random from all of the quarterly video challenge winners.   Grand prize: Two 4-day tickets to the Daytona 24 hour race.      Take the challenge and WIN !

For Car Guys !