No crimping allowed !


Do you trust crimp connections?

I don't know about you - I DON'T ! Every time I make a crimp connection I pull on it to test it. Many times it comes apart! It is just not a good way to make a connection!

FASTWIRE® uses only screw connections !

All wire connections are made with secure clamping screws. It is more expensive to use the separate plugs but more practical, faster and secure! Industry standard parts are used to insure 100% connections! NASA often uses the same parts!    

You deserve the BEST ! No special tools required !

We didn't skimp on connectors and all you need is a screwdriver to get the job done! FASTWIRE has separate plugs for RIGHT and LEFT side of the car! 

OLD Verses new - What would you want ?

This is a wiring harness !

This is a wiring harness !

This is a wiring harness !

Old dial phone is like a wiring harness !

Wiring harnesses have been around for over 100 YEARS! Think FORD model T. 

Is that what you want in your project?

Our Competitors

This is a wiring harness !

This is a wiring harness !


Our competitors have old outdated technology that is 10 to 15 years old! It works but is NOT state-of-the-art. 

OK for some but .........


This is a wiring harness !

Custom Designed PCBs


FASTWIRE® uses components that are cutting edge technology. Most of our component designs are less that 12 months old.  

Custom Designed PCBs

Get your hands on the right stuff!

Custom Designed PCBs


Everything is designed in house and produced on the most modern production lines.

Get your hands on the right stuff!

Get your hands on the right stuff!

Get your hands on the right stuff!


We have the latest technology because we designed it 12 months ago!

Get rid of outdated stuff!

Get your hands on the right stuff!

Get your hands on the right stuff!


You wouldn't buy a flip phone when you can get a smart phone that does everything !

All About Fuses AND WIRES

Fuse Center with 8 circuits.

Fuses - Your freind!

Each FASTWIRE® module has its own fuses to protect against shorts.  The system has 18 fuses to protect your investment.

Additional fuses at the battery protect the cables running to the modules.

The FASTWIRE Fuse Center has 8 circuits and fuses for each one! 


Choose the correct Wire Size

This table is to help you select the correct wire size to route to the modules. If in doubt - use one size bigger!  

This chart is just an overview. Check with the wire manufacturer! Use quality  wire!

Caution! Use stranded COPPER wire - NOT CCA - Copper Clad Aluminum wire! CCA is not corrosion resistant.


Take you time!

You can use string to measure all the bends and hard to get to places. Just route the string from the battery fuses to the module following the shortest path. Mark the end.  Then pull out the string and cut it and measure the length! Fast and easy!

Why is FASTWIRE tester so unique ?

FASTWIRE Tester with 9 volt clip used to test system functions.

FASTWIRE gives you the power to test the system !

This tiny board does dual duty. It functions as the interface for switchs but also allows you to test the systen step by step as you install parts of the system. 

Say you installed the front power module.

You don't have to wait to install all the modules to see results! Just hook up the FASTWIRE tester using the supplied standard network cable to the power module. Then you hook up a 9 Volt battery to the tester. Then move  the jumper to select the desired function - right/left blinker, high/low headlights, driving lights and so on. Hit the button on the tester - the LED lights up and triggers the power module at the same time! LEDs in the power module shows that the power module is working. 

Same for the rear power module !

Same for the rear module. Hook it up and test right/left blinker, stop lights, backup lights and so on. 

How about testing the switch hookup ?

You can test the switch hookup the same way. Connect the 9 Volt battery, select the right blinker switch to test via the jumper. Connect the switch to the screw terminal and then set the blinker switch to the right. If the LED on the board lights up - then you got it right.  

Is my 9 Volt battery good ?

If the LED next to the battery connction lights up - it is good.

How about the indicator lights ?

Last but not least - You can also test the indicator lights without having to install the FASTWIRE command module! Just hook the tester directly to the indicator board and set the jumper and hit the button on the tester!

So you can say that our tester has at least five functions!

Got  questions, we have answers. Contact us, we have time for you !

By Car Guys - For Car Guys and Car Gals !

 Don't expect to find any corporate suit and tie guys in our company! We are all dedicated CAR GUYS! (Sorry - we are still looking for a car gal for our team!) Just ask the boss how many cars he owns.   (Don't tell him I told you to ask!)

Auto Parts and the Nerds !


Yes, we have nerds that help us !

But they are car guys and gals too! Our development team has over 130 years combined experience. 

No multimeter needed!

No ! No ! No you don't need one !

We fixed that ! We include a system tester to help you connect the switches and test the power modules. You can test the front and rear power modules without installing the central module and any other equipment ! Cool!

FASTWIRE Switch Input Module


The Switch Input Module doubles as the systen tester. As you progress with the installation you can test each module and even the switch hookup itself! 

A wiring harness can't touch our advanced features !

Getting it done - the parts

Cable and system tester.

Switch and Module Tester

Switch and Module Tester

Switch and Module Tester

Test as you go! Test front/rear modules after installation then hookup and test your switches for ignition , headlights and turn signals!

Kit Car ready for parts

Building a Kit Car ?

Switch and Module Tester

Switch and Module Tester

Do yo really want to use that old, dirty donor wiring harness? 

Click below for the #1 directory of specialty car manufacturers of kitcars, assembled vehicle kits and auto components. 

Race Car Driver - Alex Zanardi

Alex Zanardi

Switch and Module Tester

Alex Zanardi

"Impossible is just a word!"

Alex had a great run at the 2019 Rolex 24 hour race in a BMW!

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